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Who are we?

We are an unusually driven and innovative team of communications professionals. We are based in Miami, Florida.


How are we different?

We act like members of your team, not like “outside consultants.” We always give you our best and unvarnished advice.


What is our promise?

We promise to take creative and proactive initiative, anticipating what’s needed in time, for effective action towards your goals.

We specialize in Elevator Speech Training 
Whether to raise money, persuade co-workers, or pitch a new project: The power with which we present our ideas makes all the difference. At Atlantic Point, we specialize in helping clients perfect their presentations and elevator speeches from the comfort of their office or home via video conferencing. It is easy, fun, and highly effective. To learn more, visit www.elevatorspeechtraining.com.

Elevator Speech Trainee Testimonials

“The coaching on how to create an impactful presentation was invaluable.”
Anne Karle-Zenith, Metropolitan New York Library Council
“Listening to my presentation with the help of a coach really helped me focus and fine-tune what I wanted to communicate to my audience.”
Alex Quinn, Executive Director, ethepeople.org
“My work with Marc made my presentation better, clearer, and more effective.”
Jason Griffey, Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University
“Rehearsing my presentation with Marc really made a difference, and it didn’t take much time at all. Marc gave me great tips that I will use for future presentations too.”
Sharon Streams, director, WebJunction
“Our presentation went really well, and your guidance on the structure of the presentation and on the slides was immensely valuable.”
Tom Huang, Sunday & Enterprise Editor, The Dallas Morning News
“Thank you for taking the time with us to help make the presentation the best it could be.”
Nicholas Higgins, Director, Outreach Services at Brooklyn Public Library
“The presentations were all stellar thanks to you! I felt very comfortable with ours and appreciated your input.”
Jo Giudice, Director of Libraries, City of Dallas
“Working with Marc over phone and Skype was super easy and a huge help, and the design work on the slides was a major boost.”
Jon Voss, Strategic Partnerships Director, Historypin

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Atlantic Point is behind the Message House,  a simple but powerful communications tool downloaded daily by businesses, non-profits and governmental organizations worldwide, and GRANTIMPACT, an online course about communications to help nonprofits change the world. Watch these videos to learn more: